Our Mission

To Advance Pancreatic Cancer Research & Awareness Through Charitable Giving

Our Vision

We visualize a time when pancreatic cancer is no longer the deadliest of all cancers and treatment has moved from extending lives to a cure. We can help achieve this through increased awareness and the funding of cutting-edge research which we believe is moving towards major breakthroughs.​

Our Philosophy

To use our resources carefully while minimizing expenses. By contributing to focused initiatives, we can maximize the effectiveness of our giving. By having an all-volunteer board and management with careful administration of other costs, we are able to dedicate greater dollars to realizing our mission.​

Why Is This Important?
The Sobering Facts

The highest mortality rate of all cancers with a 5-year survival rate of only a 10%
The second-leading cause of all cancer-related deaths
Survival has not improved substantially in over 40 years
No effective early detection tools
Poor public knowledge regarding the disease

Our Inspiration: Jo-Ann Danzis

Jo-Ann Danzis

From Jo-Ann Danzis’ Obituary…..

“Jo-Ann Danzis, A Small Giant”

“Anyone who’s had a connection to pancreatic cancer knows that it’s particularly aggressive. Although she passed on January 28, 2015 Jo-Ann Danzis approached this disease with a tireless energy like she did with all other endeavors in life inspiring many others along the way. It was this determination that allowed her to survive for nearly three and a half years….Only 5’2” and living just about 74 years, she may have been short in stature, shorted in years but was very long in life.”

Suffering the loss of a loved-one is among the most difficult experiences we all must endure. While we can’t turn back time, we can find a way to honor the memory and legacy of those who have left us. When the question of how to do this crossed my mind I thought it would be best to focus on the many aspects that Jo-Ann Danzis embodied and then use them to create a framework that would benefit others.

Who was Jo-Ann? A “perpetual motion machine” who wove a broad life and always relished a challenge. From the beginning and with a competitive spirit she accomplished much. With many years as a college professor, high school teacher and research chemist at the Rockefeller Institute -when women were a less than common in scientific research- she always sought to broaden knowledge and pass it on to others. After raising her family she returned to professional life to become a successful private businesswoman. While her career played an important role in her identity it was her personal life that truly made her who she was- an athlete, painter, photographer, sculptor, art collector, lover of music and theater, gourmet cook and wine collector … but more than anything she cherished her role as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother and friend who would always share her wisdom, fortitude and selfless nature.

It was this expansive and rich existence that inspired the formation of the Jo-Ann Danzis Foundation. By supporting the advancement of our mission, the foundation aims to improve the lives of all it touches while remaining as a lasting memorial to the person whose name it bears.

On behalf of the foundation—thank you,

Mitchell Danzis

Trustee & President, Jo-Ann Danzis Foundation

Our Leadership

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Mitchell Danzis

Trustee & President
Former President, Storage Station Self Storage

Robert Francis

Trustee & Vice President
Principal, The Herron Group-Consulting & Management

Nicholas Danzis

Trustee & Treasurer/Secretary
Head of Total Rewards Strategy & Solutions, Refinitiv

Christopher Molloy

Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, NJ Properties
Independent Private Equity Adviser & Consultant

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The Jo-Ann Danzis Foundation, Inc. is an exempt organization as described in Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code

Our Mission

To Advance Pancreatic Cancer Research and Awareness through Charitable Giving.