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Novel Approach to Treatment Research

February 2023

Recent research on a novel approach to the treatment of pancreatic cancer, from the lab of Jennifer Bailey, PhD, assistant professor in the Department of Anesthesiology with McGovern Medical School at UTHealth Houston, has been published in Cancer Immunology Research.

Pancreatic Cancer Cells Found to Have High Levels of Hydrogen Peroxide

February 2023

A new study published in the journal Angewandte Chemie has found that the level of hydrogen peroxide, a reactive oxygen species (ROS), is significantly higher in pancreatic cancer cells than in other ROS molecules. Reactive oxygen species play an important role in cellular functioning, but in cancer cells, the regulation of these species appears to be disrupted.

Mayo Clinic Heading New Radiotracer Research

January 2023

Scientists are excited to study the potential ability to see the disease and target it with precision and minimally invasive therapeutics.”

Pancreatic Cancer: 10 Silent Signs & Symptoms

January 2023 

Pancreatic cancer is a silent type of cancer that lies in a deep organ in the human body. This makes pancreatic cancer difficult to detect and treat. Know the signs and symptoms.


Advances in Pancreatic Cancer Research

December 2022

This article highlights some of the latest research in pancreatic adenocarcinoma, including clinical advances that may soon translate into improved care, NCI-supported programs that are fueling progress, and research findings from recent studies.

New Breakthrough

October 2022

Researchers have developed a breakthrough therapy in the treatment of one of the world’s deadliest cancers: pancreatic cancer.

AI Helps Detect Pancreatic Cancer

September 2022

Researchers in Taiwan have been studying a computer-aided detection (CAD) tool that uses deep learning to detect pancreatic cancer. They previously showed that the tool could accurately distinguish pancreatic cancer from noncancerous pancreas.

Abnormal Collagen May Be Weak Spot for Pancreatic Cancer

August 2022

Pancreatic cancer cells can also produce their own misshapen collagen, a new study has found. And this abnormal collagen appears to have additional cancer-promoting functions. In experiments in mice, shutting down the production or effects of the abnormal collagen made treatments for pancreatic cancer more effective.

Regular Cancer Screening Pays off For People of High Risk for Pancreatic Cancer

July 2022

A recent study found screening high risk patients early can catch the disease early and extend lives.

New Discovery May be Key to Stopping Cancer Growth

July 2022

A study published in NatureTrusted Source found that turning off the specific gene GREM1 results in a greater spread of pancreatic cancer. But turning the gene back on may lead to a reduced spread of pancreatic cancer. 

Research Pushes Closer to New Therapy for Pancreatic Cancer

May 2022

Nanotechnology research has uncovered a potential new therapy for pancreatic cancer, whose survival rate is among the lowest of all malignancies.

Scientists Discover Molecule That Kills Pancreatic Cancer Cells

March 2022

A research team led by scientists at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center has discovered a molecule that inhibits the growth and metastasis of pancreatic cancer cells through the iron metabolism pathway

New Study Shows Targeting Healthy Cells Can Help Develop Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer Cells

January 2022 

Researchers at Barts Cancer Institute at Queen Mary University of London, supported by a partnership between the UK charities Worldwide Cancer Research and Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund, have made a discovery that reveals new insight into how healthy cells help pancreatic tumors develop, which they hope will lead to the development of new drugs for this hard to treat cancer.

Scientists Create “Time Machine” Made of Human Cells To Reverse Pancreatic Cancer Progression

a “time machine” built by Purdue University engineers has shown a way to reverse the course of cancer before it spreads throughout the pancreas.

December 2021

Advances in Treatment

Advances in technology

Help doctors predict, diagnose, and precisely treat cancer

December 2021

Bariatric Surgery May Reduce Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Weightloss surgery study saw decreased cases of cancer.

December 2021

2020 Advances in Pancreatic Cancer Recap

In 2020, important advances were made across three major frontiers of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) research: risk factors, therapeutic resistance and tumor recurrence.

January 2021

Pancreatic Cancer and Immunotherapy

Elizabeth M. Jaffee, M.D., deputy director of the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, discusses  immunotherapy in this video.


January 2021

January is Pancreatic Cancer Clinical Trials Awareness Month

Read this excellent resource written by PanCan,  on clinical trials for individuals with pancreatic cancer.



January 2021

Discovery could be starting Point for New PC Treatments

 New research has shown that an antibody that neutralies Netrin-zG1 was able to stunt the progression of pancreatic tumors in mice, demonstrating the potential of this new route to developing new drugs.

November 2020

5-Year Cancer Survival Rates

The American Cancer Society relies on information from the SEER database, maintained by the National Cancer Institute, to provide survival statistics for different types of cancer.


November 2020

Brain protein could be starting point for new treatments for pancreatic cancer

Researchers have discovered that a protein thought to only be involved in the development of neurons in the brain also plays a major role in the development and growth of pancreatic cancer.

November 2020

Pancreatic Cancer Cells Hijack Basic Cell Mechanism to Evade Immunotherapy

Pancreatic cancer cells use a normal waste removal process to hide tags on their surfaces that would otherwise let the immune system destroy them

May 2020

A 'switch' that turns autoimmunity drugs into powerful anti-cancer treatments

Scientists have discovered a way to transform antibody drugs previously developed to treat autoimmunity into antibodies with powerful anti-cancer activity through a simple molecular ‘switch’.

May 2020

Why Did My Cancer Spread?

Scientists have long struggled to understand what drives a tumor to seed itself elsewhere in the body. New research implicates own pre-existing genetics.

May 2020

Pancreatic Cancer Man in Remission Goes on Ride of a Lifetime

A man living with pancreatic cancer does not let anything slow him down, including his 8-year road trip. 

April 2020

Living a Full Life With Pancreatic Cancer

A positive mindset is helping Marsha Edwards life each day to the fullest.

April 2020



Columbia Study Identifies Possible Way To Starve Pancreatic Cancer Cells

The compound starves tumors of an amino acid, cysteine, which was found to be critical to the survival of pancreatic cancer cells.

April 2020

Access Clinical Trials

With Bolder Science, you can access emerging science and clinical trials worldwide and personalize your search experience. Bolder science, brighter hope.

April 2020 

Pancreatic Cancer Conference Planned for September 2020

The seventh AACR Special Conference on pancreatic cancer will showcase many of the cutting-edge discoveries in research and treatment.

April 2020

Poisoning Pancreatic Cancer Cells

UK Scientists have discovered how switching off the cancer’s energy supply causes the pancreatic cancer cells to become ‘poisoned’ by an irreversible build-up of calcium.

What Pancreatic Cancer Patients Should Know About Covid 19

Be smart and take the steps to prevent yourself and others

April 2020 

Pancreatic Cancer Conference Planned for September 2020

The seventh AACR Special Conference on pancreatic cancer will showcase many of the cutting-edge discoveries in research and treatment.

April 2020

Lessons From Pancreatic Cancer Patients During the Current Covid 19 Pandemic

For the immunocompromised and those with disease, social distancing and uncertainty are a way of life. Daily walks, gratitude and dancing help.

March 2020

Pancreatic Cancer Cells Secrete Signal that Sabotages Immune Attack on Tumors

Study finds a new way to make pancreatic cancer cells vulnerable to immune system attack


January 2020

To Stop a Deadly Cancer, Cut Off Its Food Supply

NYU Langone researchers unravel the mysteries of pancreatic cancer’s elaborate eating habits.

January 2020


Foot-and-mouth-disease virus could help target the deadliest cance

The foot-and-mouth-disease virus is helping scientists to tackle a common cancer with the worst survival rate — pancreatic cancer

February 2020

Tropical flower offers potential new route for treating pancreatic cancer

An international team of scientists have made drug-like molecules inspired by a chemical found in a tropical flower, that they hope could in the future help to treat deadly pancreatic cancer.


December 2019

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